The draft plan schedule is included below. Overarching phases of the plan are listed on the top followed by specific opportunities for the public to engage in the process. If changes occur, the schedule will be updated to reflect the new milestones.

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Project Tasks

  • Vision, Goals, Needs, and Opportunities | April - June 2021

    The first phase of the process focuses on understanding community vision for the future and sets the direction and tone for the remainder of the study. It also includes a robust understanding of current conditions and needs both today and in the future.

  • Transportation Nexus | May - September 2021

    This phase builds upon the existing conditions and needs assessment to bring the transportation and land use elements together.

  • Recommendations | August - November 2021

    Once needs have been determined, possible project and policy recommendations can be identified. The recommendations then are prioritized after evaluation against a set of metrics built on the goals from early in the plan.

  • Documentations, Review, and Adoption | November 2021 - February 2022

    The last phase includes all of the final reports that will be provided to the CEO and Board of Commissioners for review and adoption. Then implementation can begin!

General Public Engagement

  • Online Survey | April - June 2021 and October - November 2021

    Online surveys provide opportunities for people to engage and provide feedback from the comfort of their home and on their own schedule. Two online surveys will take place throughout the planning process.

  • Community Events | May 2021 and October 2021

    Community events and intercepts allow the team a chance to meet people where they are – at parks, riding transit, or shopping to name a few. We are planning to be out in your communities, so we hope to meet you!

  • Public Meetings | May 2021, August 2021, and October - November 2021

    Public meetings provide the greatest depth of information regarding the plan and for the public to offer feedback. Some meetings will be conducted virtually and some will be in person. For the first round of meetings in Spring 2021, all meetings will be virtual. Will you join us online?

  • Focus Groups | June 2021

    Focus groups are an opportunity for the planning team to meet with a small group of community members to talk about a specific topic area in more detail. We’ll be hosting a number of focus groups in the first half of the plan.