Project Overview

The DeKalb County 2050 Unified Plan will combine two of the County’s long-range plans into one: a Comprehensive Transportation Plan that identifies priority transportation projects and policy recommendations and a Comprehensive Land Use Plan that establishes the framework for future growth and development. Transportation and land use investments have a direct impact on one another, so the combined plan will create a more consistent, unified strategy. The combined plan will address arts and culture, housing, health and wellness, public safety, sustainability, retail, and annexation.

The recommendations of this planning process will help DeKalb leadership determine which transportation projects to pursue for both local funding opportunities and state and federal dollars. The Plan will also include recommendations within unincorporated DeKalb activity centers for the types of growth and development that may occur based on new market realities and trends.


The DeKalb Unified Plan team has conducted multiple rounds of community engagement including early input on needs and priorities, community charrettes in subareas of the County, and feedback on draft transportation and land use recommendations. We hosted virtual public meetings and a town hall, engaged stakeholders through focus group meetings, and met the community at parks and festivals around the County. Finally, draft documents were shared with the public for comment and feedback.

Thank you to the members of the public who sent comments to the project team. Those comments have helped to shape revisions to the three documents, now in final form: